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Sanary, the map

Sanary's beaches...
  • La Plage Dorée
  • Beach of La Gorguette
  • Beach of Beaucours
  • Beach of

The pedestrian courses...

When arriving in the heart of Sanary, on the embankment bordering the harbor, one is took by the charm and the picturesque of this privileged place.
What pleasure to taste one moment of fun, installed to one of the numerous terraces, while contemplating the sunny harbor, with its boats of fishing - the «pointus» (typical provençal boats) - and of pleasure boats!
Harbor of Sanary On the left, a pretty shady walk, in border of a garden; in the face, beyond of sailboat masts, the island of the Embies; on the right, the boatyard to the foot of a verdant hill, to the top of which is perched a charming chapel, that one can reach by the rise of the oratory, from where one discovers all the bay of Sanary. Quoted convenient, a vast parking is in border of sea, to the East of the harbor.
And one notes quickly that Sanary is «living» all year round; even to the heart of the winter - so little rigorous - Sanary's inhabitants and walkers find again on embankments, the walk, strolling and benefitting the sun. Its shops are opened all year round, all mornings its animate and iridescent Provencal market inside the Estienne d'Orves alley invites you to procure all ingredients to concoct you a delicious "bouillabaisse" (typical provençal recipe). And if you walk before the town hall, florists of the market of flowers, will counsel you on a beautiful composition to offer.
Sea resort and climatic of 15.000 inhabitants, Sanary-sur-mer (Sanary-on-sea) benefits a remarkable geographical situation: between Bandol (4 km) to the East and Six-Fours to the west, the city is to 12km of Toulon and 55km of Marseille. It is accessible by road (freeway A50 to 5km), by the train (station of Ollioules-Sanary-on-sea), by plane (airport of Hyeres to 30km) and by sea, evidently.
Sanary is as remarkable by its climate: soft in winter, slightly aired in summer, 300 sunny days, 3.000 hours of sun per year!
A beach of SanaryAn example of seasport at Sanary A micro-climate protects its environment: very little rain.
We bathes ourself from May to October. Sanary offers for that a lot of beaches more welcoming one than other that will delight amateurs of thin and golden sand as much as the one that love colorful and fishful rocks.
It is also, the possibility to exercise various nautical leisures, especially the windsurf, the surf, the waterski, the pleasure, the submarine diving in funds that did know the first step of the autonomous diving by people with names know all over world, as: Cousteau, Dumas, Taillez...
A gate of hills protects the city and the bay of the cold from the north and the dominant wind, the mistral.
For walkers, Sanary, offers many pedestrian courses.
The hinterland, covered of grapevines and oliver trees, is browsed of paths and trails where it makes good go for a walk; vegetables, tasty fruits, stuffed of sun, the viticulture and horticulture are again at honor and are part of activities of the country.
Without forgetting, of course, that Sanary is a cultural city, with the exotic and zoological garden, the museum Frédérique Dumas, the Galli theater, the Maison Flotte and the Roman Tower...